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SpeedRunners Gets an Official Release Out of Early Access

Speedrunners, Early Access

SpeedRunners Gets an Official Release Out of Early Access

After years in Early Access, SpeedRunners’ official release is finally here.

Since debuting on Steam’s Early Access program a little over two years ago, SpeedRunners has attracted quite the cult following of fans that can’t get enough of its unique brand of high octane multiplayer thrills. It’s already received quite a few awards in the indie gaming community, and currently holds a Very Positive rating on Steam thanks to its 12,562 positive reviews.

But today may be the biggest day in SpeedRunners history as developer DoubleDutch Games has announced SpeedRunners is officially out of Early Access and can now be purchased as a retail title.

In a post on the SpeedRunner Steam Community page, developer Casper Van Est reveals that SpeedRunners is now considered to be finished. Though he insists that the game will be updated and fixed as necessary, this full release is intended to represent the team’s intended vision for the game fairly closely. Luckily for SpeedRunner fans everywhere, this change in status comes with a few major in-game updates that include:

  • Full Mac and Linux support
  • The ability to create, download and sell custom trails for your runners
  • A singleplayer campaign that pits players against bots in a tournament setting
  • The ability for Twitch streamers to incorporate a betting system for their viewers

Full details regarding these updates may be found on the Steam Community page announcement post.

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This post was originally written by Matthew Byrd.

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