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Sony Reveals Official No Man’s Sky PS4 Faceplate


Sony Reveals Official No Man’s Sky PS4 Faceplate

Infinitely awesome.

On a PlayStation Blog post, Hello Games’ Sean Murray talked about No Man’s Sky’s unique art style, before revealing the official No Man’s Sky faceplate for the PS4.

Talking about the game’s look, Murray said “Our game is procedurally generated – created by the PlayStation 4 – but we always want it to have a unique recognisable style, to look like a science fiction book cover come to life.

“This is only possible because of our super-talented art team. When we talk about No Man’s Sky, we like to talk about the maths involved in creating the visuals, but really it’s our artists that give the game its beautiful style.”

Sean Murray also unveiled the Limited Edition Custom Faceplate for the PS4, which features the game’s often-seen mysterious crystal-like object.


Unfortunately, the faceplate is only available to European players.

No Man’s Sky is a procedurally-generated, infinite space exploration sim coming to PC and PS4 in June. The game has been consistently one of the most anticipated titles since its reveal in 2014.

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