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The Sims 4: When the Next Expansion Might Release


The Sims 4: When the Next Expansion Might Release

It’s been 84 years…

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How Long Are We Going to Wait?

The Sims 4

While we’re not fortune tellers, we can at least look at the past to kind of gauge how soon we’re going to be seeing The Sims 4 expansion packs again. The last one we got was Get Together back in Dec. 2015 and while it was fun for a little while to put clubs together, it could quickly become stale. Relying on mods is a bit of a hassle after a certain point, and Stuff Packs don’t count as they don’t change the core gameplay experience.

Let’s take a look at every mainline, numbered game’s expansion pack release dates. We’ll take the average months to figure out when we could be seeing a Sims 4 expansion pack next. It’s interesting to see how times have changed, too. Keep in mind while looking through this if you’re going to count Game Packs for The Sims 4 as suitable content. It changes the dates big time.

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