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Shovel Knight Has Sold Over One Million Copies

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Shovel Knight Has Sold Over One Million Copies

The 3DS and Steam duke it out for hottest sales platform.

Yacht Club Games has announced that Shovel Knight has sold 1.2 million copies of the game, with 200 thousand being physical copies and one million sold in digital.

Steam sales lead the pack, making up 32 percent of sales, with the Nintendo 3DS just behind with 29 percent, according to their announcement. It should be noted that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions came out nine months after the game was released for PC and Nintendo.

Yacht Club Games also mentions that they had sold more in November 2015 then they did in the same month of 2014. Also, while Steam is their bestseller, that platform has had the game discounted more often, and the 3DS actually sold twice as much than Steam in an average month.

The developer goes on to break down sales by retailer in North America, with GameStop making 36 percent of sales, PS4 being the most requested stock. Meanwhile, Wii U has sold best when it comes to physical copies.

The blog also reveals that the team spent about 1 million dollars developing Plague of Shadows, the DLC for Shovel Knight, and have made zero dollars. Out of the 200 thousand Shovel Knight amiibos, only 180 thousand have been sold with another 30 thousand being ordered in the future for North America.

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