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Sheltered Guide: How to Recycle Items


Sheltered Guide: How to Recycle Items

Sheltered tasks players with a quest to survive a post-apocalyptic world in an underground bunker. Your family’s safety is your number one priority, even in the face of other survivors joining your ranks, as your game will end as soon as the last member dies. Naturally, you’ll need to scavenge to survive as you fight to fulfill your family’s needs on the daily as well as improve upon your bunker. Along the way, though, you’ll come across a lot of what seems to just be junk. These items have a note in their description that they could provide valuable resources if they were “recycled.”

In order to recycle items, you’ll need to have the Recycling Machine from the Tier 4 crafting menu built. Yes, that’s a bit of a doozy to get to as you’ll need to upgrade your workbench to its fourth level and then build the machine before you can get rid of all that junk you’ve accumulated and hopefully get some useful stuff in return. Each item gives clues as to what you’ll get depending on what it is. For example, burnt clothes will give wool and logs give wood. Once you actually have the recycling machine, it’s as easy as sticking whatever you want to recycle in there and waiting for the treasure that comes out.

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