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Sheltered Guide: How to Get Water


Sheltered Guide: How to Get Water

Sheltered tasks players with a quest to survive a post-apocalyptic world in an underground bunker. Your family’s safety is your number one priority, even in the face of other survivors joining your ranks, as your game will end as soon as the last member dies. Naturally, the needs of your family are just as important as the scrap you’ll be scavenging for. Thirst is rampant across the dry wasteland and it’s incredibly important to keep a good supply of water. Not only will it replenish your parched survivors, clean the shelter, allow them to shower and use the bathroom, but it’s also how you can fund your expeditions in the wasteland. If you don’t have enough water to reach an area, you can’t go there.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is build two extra, small water butts. This is, of course, if you have the items to craft them, that is. And if you have the upgraded workbench, invest in the medium water butts. Every time it rains, your water filter will collect water, purify it, and feed into the water butts. This is why it’s good to have three to start with; you’ll collect a mass amount of water from rain and have a reserve of sorts. Rain is definitely your friend in Sheltered. Black Rain is less so. While it still provides water, it’s contaminated and will take your water filter more time to purify it. This process is sped up by upgrading your filter above ground. You’ll also be able to make it more resilient (which hinders how fast it breaks down) as well as improving the amount of water that gets filtered out per second while it rains.

Of course, you can also get water from water bottles that you either find or trade for within the wasteland. However, if you’re doing things right with your three water butts and at least one upgrade into the amount of rain filtered per second, every time it rains you will have a butt-load of water.

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