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Sheltered Guide: How to Get More Food


Sheltered Guide: How to Get More Food

Sheltered tasks players with a quest to survive a post-apocalyptic world in an underground bunker. Your family’s safety is your number one priority, even in the face of other survivors joining your ranks, as your game will end as soon as the last member dies. Naturally, the needs of your family are just as important as the scrap you’ll be scavenging for. Hunger is rampant across the dry wasteland and it’s incredibly important to keep a good supply of food. It’s the only way your survivors will keep from starving to death, after all.

Food can come in two forms: rations on a pantry or meat in a fridge. Rations will be scavenged and traded for through Sheltered and they are the first supply of food you start with. You can basically only get it from scavenging or trading for it, so it’s a bit hard to come by. However, rations won’t spoil.

Meat, on the other hand, come from wildlife. You’ll definitely want to set up snares and build a fridge and stove as soon as you can, because this is how you’ll get a good source of meat for your diet. When you catch some wildlife in a snare (which happens often), you’ll harvest it for both leather and meat that transfers right to your fridge. It’s a smart idea to invest in two fridges, although when you can upgrade to medium ones, you should. They use up less power than the small fridges. But either way, it’s important to have two fridges to get that supply of meat up. Your survivors will grab the meat from the fridge and eat it at the stove. While raw meat can be consumed, you’ll be dealing with a whole lot of food poisoning if you don’t invest in at least the poor stove, first. If you’re being smart with snares, fridges, and your stove, rations found in the wild will become as useful as pennies.

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