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Sheltered Guide: How to Automate Characters


Sheltered Guide: How to Automate Characters

Sheltered tasks players with a quest to survive a post-apocalyptic world in an underground bunker. Your family’s safety is your number one priority, even in the face of other survivors joining your ranks, as your game will end as soon as the last member dies. Naturally, the needs of your family are just as important as the scrap you’ll be scavenging for. Hunger, thirst, sleep, and more are at stake every single day in this wasteland. If you get a little tired micro-managing your survivors, though, you can always automate them.

Automating them will cause them to fulfill their needs once they’re approaching the red bar. They won’t be fixing things or upgrading or training without you telling them to directly, though. No, this is just a way for them to keep their needs satiated (or waste your precious resources, of course). While it’s recommended you don’t automate your characters as this makes rationing food or water difficult, you can do so by selecting whomever and hitting the H key.

They’ll now be mindless robots just out for their own needs. Just like new survivors that join your group before they’re loyal enough to have automation turned off.

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