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PS4 Exclusive Shadow of the Beast Shows Off its Brutal Gameplay

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PS4 Exclusive Shadow of the Beast Shows Off its Brutal Gameplay

Living up to the ‘beast’ in its name.

A reboot of the ’89 sidescroller of the same name, Sony’s Shadow of the Beast is a 2.5D sidescroller, sporting platforming, puzzles, and most importantly, lots of bloody combat.

In development at Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs, Shadow of the Beast follows Aarbron, an enslaved beast forced to destroy paradise before he breaks free and takes the fight back to those that enslaved him. Posting on the PlayStation Blog, CEO and Founder of Heavy Spectrum, Matt Birch, explains what players can expect of the game.

“The heart of combat is simple: enemies come in from the left or right and you have to defeat them. Most of your attacks will destroy them with one hit. It’s straightforward to understand but the depth in the formula quickly becomes apparent as different enemies respond differently to your various attacks, and have different methods and timing of their own attacks — not to mention getting faster as they approach.”

Though it may sound fairly simplistic, the gameplay preview below showcases the fact that it’s anything but. Players will have access to “basic attacks, counters, stun, throws, special attacks, evades, dodge rolls, the Wrath of Aarbron, Rage Chains, and — most importantly –the oft-overlooked but oh-so-important block button! When you master them, many of these moves have ‘perfect windows’ in their timing as well that can grab you extra points.” The points aren’t arbitrary however. The points, or Mana, are used in what is called the Wisdom of Shadows to purchase upgrades for Aarbron.

While there will be a beginner difficulty for those more interested in the world, Birch promises Heavy Spectrum is delivering on the difficulty. There will even be different additional endings for any that complete the game on the higher difficulty settings.

Shadow of the Beast is due out exclusively for PS4 on May 17. What do you think of the bloody, vicious gameplay? Is it enough to peak your interest? Let us know in the comments.

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