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Rumor: Horizon: Zero Dawn Delayed to 2017

horizon zero dawn

Rumor: Horizon: Zero Dawn Delayed to 2017

Dawn will have to wait a little longer.

Last E3, Killzone developer Guerrilla Games announced a brand new game called Horizon: Zero Dawn. The game was said to come to the PS4 near the end of this year, but it sounds like it’s been delayed to early next year according to the well known insider Shinobi602.

The game is set 1,000 in the future when machines have taken over pretty much the whole world. As mechanical beasts roam the planet, like robot dinosaurs and birds, humanity has long abandoned Earth, though there are human tribes that are still around the world, doing the best they can. The main character Aloy is a hunter and archer who journeys through the land, trying to survive.

Earlier this year, Sony promised that this and The Last Guardian would launch this year, but it can’t be ignored that there hasn’t been much news on the game since the initial wave last June. Guerrilla or Sony haven’t commented yet, but once they do, we’ll let you know if the rumor is true or not. But, as Shinobi points out, if the game actually is delayed, it definitely will look pretty sweet on the PS4.5…if that exists, too.

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