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8 Questions We Still Have After Batman v Superman


8 Questions We Still Have After Batman v Superman

The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world has left us with some questions.

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This list will ask questions about plot points in Batman v Superman that left audience members confused. Be warned, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. 



With Jimmy Olsen’s absence in Man Of Steel, many fans were worried that this new DC movie universe would not include the lovable photographer. With Zack Snyder’s recent reveal that the nameless photographer from the Africa mission scene of the movie was Jimmy Olsen, many fans were disappointed to have him die after only knowing him for a brief time. The question was, why put him in at all? Since he did not make an appearance in Man of Steel, there was no emotional ties to the character for non-comic book fans. It might be a fun nod to comic book readers, but shooting an iconic character in the head after having him only say one or two lines feels forced.

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