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Quantum Break Gives a Pirate-Themed Punishment to Pirated Copies


Quantum Break Gives a Pirate-Themed Punishment to Pirated Copies

Nice eyepatch, Jack!

The Xbox One & PC title Quantum Break encourages players to manipulate time to stop catastrophic events. It does not encourage players to illegally download copies of the game.

Anyone who does might find out about main character Jack Joyce’s unmentioned past as a pirate.

Some players discovered this piracy marker as a glitch. Reddit user disastorm found that logging out of the Windows Store before starting Quantum Break will accidentally mark the game as pirated. If this happens, Jack will wear an eye patch emblazoned with a skull & crossbones emblem.

Quantum Break

This Easter egg is also a reference to one of Remedy’s earlier titles, Alan Wake. Pirating that game would give the main character the same eyepatch and change the loading screens to polite requests to purchase the game.

Remedy seems to realize that many players will see the eye patch due to a glitch, and updated their game’s Frequently Asked Questions page with this witty retort.

Jack looks like a pirate.
DRM might’ve accidentally triggered. Make sure you’ve logged into your Microsoft account before starting the game (thanks NeoGAF!).

There may be other consequences of getting this eye patch, but some players are asking for it to be officially added to the game as a bonus for everyone. Eye patches are pretty cool, after all.

Check out Twinfinite’s Quantum Break review and let us know what you think of the game in the comments.


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