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Remedy Addressing Quantum Break Issues on PC/Xbox One

quantum break

Remedy Addressing Quantum Break Issues on PC/Xbox One

Hopefully these issues will be resolved in no time.

Quantum Break was released to the world just last week. Time flies, huh? That being said, a fair amount of players are experiencing some unexpected issues with the game. These issues are more prevalent on Windows PCs, but some Xbox One players are also experiencing certain things too. Today, Remedy posted a status update on their community forums, giving an in-depth run-down of the different problems people were experiencing and what they’re doing to fix them.

While all the problems aren’t necessarily here, Remedy made it clear that this list is what they’re focusing on right now, and that any issue not addressed will be in the future. Priority bugs, and everything like that.

A good amount of the issues have to do with graphical/performance features, such as the frame-rate stuttering, the resolution reconstructing, some issues with the film grain feature, etc. In fact, some of these issues can be fixed right from your home, depending on what it is. And, of course, there’s the non-graphical related issues, with some being as serious as Quantum Break actually crashing. For the full break-down from the developers themselves, check out the official post on the site.

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This post was originally written by Tanner Fugate.

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