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Quantum Break: How to Get All Collectibles in Act 2


Quantum Break: How to Get All Collectibles in Act 2

Act 2

Part 1: Industrial Area Collectibles

After escaping from Monarch custody, it’s time to hunt for Paul Serene. While you’re at it, you may want to go and grab all 17 collectibles littering the area. This part of Quantum Break introduces you to Chronon Sources (think skill points). So you’ll definitely want to grab those at the very least. You’ll also be introduced to Intel, collecting sets of these unlock diaries that you can listen to.

There are seven Chronon Sources, four computers, two documents, two media, one Intel, and one Ripple.

  1. Chronon Source – As soon as you start this level do not climb up and proceed. Instead move down the room away from both Liam and Beth and trigger your Time Vision. This will make the first Chronon Source in the game appear. Use it to upgrade something to get the Chronon Surge achievement.
  2. Chronon Source – This is found in the room that has the traversal challenge with the falling beams. After dropping the beams, don’t try and climb them. Instead, run to the far end of the room and use Time Vision to display another Chronon Source.
  3. Ground Zero Map – After collecting the source in the last room, climb up and enter the next room. Near the exit to the room is a map on the wall that serves as your next collectible.
  4. University Fallout – On the table in front of all the screens in the same room you’ll see a laptop. Interact with it.
  5. Gala Invite Ripple – The last collectible also triggers this Quantum Ripple for you, so two birds with one stone.
  6. Monarch’s Witness Kill List/Monarch PR Campaign – In the same room, on the wall to your left right when you first enter is a poster board. Depending on if you choose Hardline or PR, you will find the Kill list or Campaign respectiviely.
  7. Chronon Source – Once you clear out the next room, take the elevator up after Beth speaks to you. Continue on as you normally would but make sure to collect the Chronon Source right before making the turn at the first steel beam.
  8. RE: Ground Zero Operation – As you continue on, you’ll come across a room where guards are dealing with hostages from the university. Kill the two guards, hop into the window and access the laptop to your left.
  9. Eye Drop Bottle – In the same room, near the exit, you’ll find Martin Hatch’s eyedrops on top of a crate (if you haven’t found any other pieces of Intel, you’ll unlock the A Link To The Future achievement).
  10. Chronon Source – After you clear the gate problem (just slow it down with Time Stop and you can breeze on by), head to your left and run all the way down. Climb the blue container and jump over the fence to collect this source (remember to use your Time Vision).
  11. Chronon Source – Return to the gate where you entered and climb the train directly across from it. You’re going to head to the roof of the building that had the switch to the gate. Drop into the hole on the roof and collect your next source.
  12. Chronon Source – The next one is on the billboard that you can jump on from the same train that led you onto the roof. Simply climb up and head to the left.
  13. RE: Jack Joyce – You’re done with the trainyard now so head into the window that Amy/Nick directs you to. Drop down and before you open the door for the NPC, use the laptop.
  14. Internal Monarch Comms – On the opposite end of the room is a radio. Interact with that for the next collectible.
  15. Chronon Source – When you exit the room with the last couple of collectibles, you’ll find yourself in an alleyway leading to a door that is very close by. Before going into that door, hop onto the awning over it. There is a source over your head.
  16. FWD: Monarch Concerns – This collectible can only be collected after clearing the room directly after the last Chronon Source. After defeating the first wave of enemies, you’ll be directed to a gate where you’ll have to rewind time to open it. Once inside, access the laptop near the surveillance screens.
  17. Internal Monarch Comms 2 – If you’re facing the laptop you just accessed, there will be a radio to your left.

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