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Lose Track of Time With the Quantum Break Drinking Game


Lose Track of Time With the Quantum Break Drinking Game

This is definitely not advised.

Quantum Break is Microsoft’s newest console exclusive from the team at Remedy, makers of Alan Wake and Max Payne. With the game featuring a story all about time control and travel, there’s plenty of things you see recurring. Naturally, there are opportunities to have fun with that. Grab some friends and gather around the TV for the Quantum Break drinking game. You better be ready, though, because here’s when you’re going to take a drink:

Every Time You Forget Your Powers Are On a Cooldown

quantum break

Whenever Someone Takes Down a Door With Their Shoulder on the First Try

Quantum Break, Door

Every Time You Forget There’s Also a TV Show to Watch

quantum break countermeasure

Whenever a Character Talks About “Jack Joyce”

Quantum Break

Every Time You Think of a Character as a Role the Actor Has Played Instead of the Actual Character

Quantum Break, Shawn Ashmore, Jack Joyce, Iceman

Every Time Another Character Keeps Telling You to do Something When You’re Trying to Read an Email

Quantum Break, Conversation

Whenever Jack and/or Paul Talk About Their Friendship

Quantum Break, Jack Joyce, Paul Serene

Every Time You Think of Neo Stopping Bullets In The Matrix

quantum break, xbox one, exclusive, metacritic, scores

And Finally, Anytime Someone Says the Word “Time.” Which Is a Lot.

quantum break

What do you think of the Quantum Break Drinking Game? Are there any moments you’d add on from the game? Let us know down in the comments!


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