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Quantum Break: How to Get All Collectibles in Act 1


Quantum Break: How to Get All Collectibles in Act 1

So much to find.

Part 1: Riverport University Experiment

There are 16 collectibles in Act 1, Part 1 of Quantum Break: 10 Documents, three Computers, and three Media.

  1. Riverport University Map – As soon as you get out of the cab, head to the map of the university ahead and then to your right. There’s a student sitting next to it.
  2. Protest Flier – Continue past the map into the tunnel-like structure ahead. The flier will be on a table to your left.
  3. Stop Monarch Problems Poster – Once out of the tunnel, go to the lit up board directly across and slightly to your left.
  4. Sofia Amaral Seminar Poster – After getting the previous collectible, turn around and look to your right. You’ll see another lit up board with this poster on it.
  5. Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show – Head back to Stop Monarch collectible and continue on towards the statue. There’s a chair with a radio on it.
  6. Amy’s Monarch Timeline – Head to the left of the statue and talk to the woman waiting, she’s Amy. Afterwards she’ll tell you to check out her timeline standing to the right of her.
  7. Return – In the tent right next to her is a video that you can watch. It’s a fun little easter egg, so enjoy.
  8. Paul Serene Focus Article – Continue towards your objective. Before going in, look to your left. The first poster by the door is Paul Serene’s article.
  9. Dr. Kim Memorial Article – The poster to the left of Paul Serene’s is Dr. Kim’s. Now you can head inside.
  10. RE: William Joyce Clearance – Once you walk in, there’s a desk directly ahead of you with a computer. Interact to read an email regarding William.
  11. Monarch Solutions Job Fair Poster – Follow Paul, but instead of entering the elevator right away, head to the left of it where you’ll find a poster. After collecting it, get on the elevator.
  12. Project Promenade Presentation – When you reach the next floor, there is a presentation set up. Interact to have Paul practice in front of you (this also unlocks the Marketing Spiel achievement).
  13. Photo of Jack and Paul – Proceed to the time machine room. The first office you enter will have the photo of you an Paul immediately to your right. It’s on a shelf.
  14. RE: Project Promenade Beta Test – After collecting the picture, use the computer on the desk.
  15. RE: Coming Home? – Continue to follow Paul, he’ll lead you pass the entrance to the time machine. On a table to the left of the entrance is the tablet you’ll need.
  16. Corridor Schematics – Right across from the tablet you just picked up is a board with the schematics.

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