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Pokken Tournament Patch Fixes Combo and Attack Damage

Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament Patch Fixes Combo and Attack Damage

Gotta Fight Them All!

Pokken Tournament has received another patch which saw several Pokemon getting work done, from damage being reduced to hitboxes being fixed.

Dark Mewtwo saw the most changes, with six adjustments such as making so it couldn’t force other players to continue blocking by using certain moves. Additionally, the time to transition from ranged attacks to Miracle Eye has been delayed. Regular Mewtwo also some changes, such as the hitbox being lowered so other players can avoid by jumping. The combo damage has also been reduced, along with the hit stun it causes.

Also fixed is Mewtwo’s tendency to nullify long ranged attacks by using an attack followed by a strong attack follow-up. Now if that move set by Mewtwo gets countered, the opponent will have a critical hit. The support Pokemon Reshiram also got nerfed with the damage of Blue Flare being decreased.

This patch also fixed Sceptile and Pikachu Libre bugs where they passed through the ground and opponents.

Anyone who doesn’t update Pokken Tournament will not be able to access online battles. It should also be noted that at one point North America had received a different 1.2 patch from Japan and Europe, but Serebii says it’s been fixed.

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