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PAX East 2016: PS4 Exclusive, Kill Strain, Rocks a 5v2v5 Multiplayer

Kill Strain

PAX East 2016: PS4 Exclusive, Kill Strain, Rocks a 5v2v5 Multiplayer

The ideal multiplayer game to play with friends.

Kill Strain is a free to play, top-down action multiplayer game that pits five players against another five against another two. Yes, the game’s match-up might seem really weird when describing a 5v2v5. It’s not that complicated, though, with two teams of humans facing against each other and a third team consisting of “mutants” striving to mess everyone’s game up.

While playing on the humans’ side, I decided to pick the rifle wielding Katrina, the brute Diesel, and Gridlock, out of the large variety of characters you can choose from. Each one had very different skills and play styles; playing as Katrina forced me to keep my distance between my enemies as she wielded the equivalent of a sniper rifle. While playing as Diesel, on the other hand, I was able to be more aggressive and attack the enemies head on. The two mutants in a match play a huge role within the game as they can turn enemy humans into mutants. Once this happens, there’s no turning back and they are now on their enemy’s side until the match is over. Which, by the way, can usually take between 20 and 30 minutes.

There’s a lot more to the game than aimlessly shooting enemies, though. In-game objectives also come into play, with one requiring you to transport gas tanks to certain locations, building up a meter. This meter, once filled, will allow your team to obtain mech suits. Everything becomes a little easier for you, if only for a few minutes, once your squad is rolling around in these mechs. So there’s definitely a big incentive for covering these objectives and making sure they get done.

Kill Strain proved itself to be a genuinely fun game to play with friends, and a unique take on the “Infected” game mode that’s been popularized by first-person shooters. It manages to balance the line between complexity and simplicity in its team-based strategies. If you are into working together with a team, planning your squad’s moves, and want a cool multiplayer experience that happens to also be free, look no further than to Kill Strain when it finally comes out.

Are you going to play it when it launches free to the public? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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