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Nintendo Annual Profits Fall by 61 Percent


Nintendo Annual Profits Fall by 61 Percent

The company had anticipated a profit…

Nintendo has published their financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, which showed the company’s profits had fallen by 61 percent over the last year.

The financial results show that Nintendo’s profits for the year came in at around 16.5 billion Yen, which roughly translated to $149 million USD. These profits are down from 41.8 billion Yen from the previously fiscal year.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, as digital sales for Nintendo netted the company a profit of 44 billion Yen, which is up from 31 billion Yen from the year previous. The company’s new “Smart devices, IP related income” category, which includes revenue generated from smartphones, secured 5.7 billion Yen in profits over the year.

Nintendo also revealed how Amiibo sales had fared over the past year ending March 31, stating that “the figure-type and the card-type Amiibo’s” sold 24.70 million and 28.90 million units respectively.

On Wii U, Splatoon sold 4.27 million units worldwide over the course of the fiscal year, while Super Mario Maker sold 3.52 million units worldwide, and Fire Emblem Fates sold 1.84 million units, with more sales being made outside of Japan.

In other Nintendo related news, the company this morning revealed that the NX will launch during March 2017, but won’t be present at this year’s E3.

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