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MLB The Show 16: How to Get Called Up in RTTS


MLB The Show 16: How to Get Called Up in RTTS

Tips and tricks to get to The Majors.

Every minor league player has the same aspirations: making it to The Majors. The same is true for those with minor league players in MLB The Show 16.


This year, getting that big break is a bit more realistic. However, that also means it is a bit more unpredictable. In MLB The Show 16, there is no list of goals to accomplish over a three-week stretch, but let’s be honest, almost no one liked having to draw eight walks in 18 games.

Often the call comes when an injury has occurred in the AAA or MLB squad, or when the player-controlled character surpasses his counterpart’s overall rating. There are some measures that can be taken to make the journey to big leagues a bit more manageable, though.

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