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Microsoft Employee May Have Let Slip an “Xbox NeXt”

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Microsoft Employee May Have Let Slip an “Xbox NeXt”

What’s next for Microsoft?

A Microsoft employee, who has previously worked on major projects such as the Xbox One and Xbox 360, has added the “Xbox neXt” to his experience on LinkedIn (via Videogamer).

While it is not currently known what the “Xbox neXt” is, it should be noted that David Gardner is a visual design lead who has worked for Microsoft since 2006. Also unknown is who else is working on the project and whether or not this is the official name or just a working title.

Microsoft Xbox neXt

The fact that Gardner has experience with creating some aspects of Microsoft’s consoles might spur rumors that this will be the next Xbox. Yet, this could simply have something to do with the fact that Microsoft is taking extra steps to bridge the gap between consoles and computers according to recent comments made by the head of Microsoft, Phil Spencer. “Our intent is where genres and creative makes sense in both spaces, that we’ll put the game in both spaces, and you see us doing that already,” said Spencer regarding Microsoft’s first party titles heading to PC.

As of this article there has been no official word from Microsoft regarding “Xbox neXt.”


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