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League of Legends’ New Taric Splash Is Going Full Fabio


League of Legends’ New Taric Splash Is Going Full Fabio


UPDATE (Apr. 5)

Taric’s full rework has been revealed. Check out his new abilities and updated skins here.


Taric’s new splash art has arrived. And it is outrageous.

Riot’s been dropping Taric rework hints left and right for a while now. First was the “Downfall” video of his ring falling into the snow, and then his hammer appeared in the PBE shopkeeper’s barrel of goods. Now we have new splash art, first found in the source code of a Riot-published webcomic and later revealed in full by Senior QA Analyst @Ququroon.

Look at this:

taric league of legends new splash

Now look at this:

Taric League of Legends

Now back to this:

taric league of legends new splash

Truly, truly outrageous.

Apart from new conditioner, it looks like Taric’s also trying out a new weapon, confirmed to be a three-pronged mace. Whatever new kit is on the horizon probably won’t feature any ground-hammer smashing, but not to worry, he’s still sporting plenty of gems.

For more backstory on Taric’s transformation, check out Riot’s new “The Ascent” webcomic, which follows the exiled soldier climbing “the mightiest peak in Runeterra.” Our former gem knight leaves behind his armor and weapon, and begins scaling Mount Targon, chased by ghouls screaming of redemption, oath-breaking, and naturally, death.

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