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Koei Tecmo Confirmed to be Developing for Nintendo NX


Koei Tecmo Confirmed to be Developing for Nintendo NX

Hyrule Warriors 2, please and thank you.

Japanese developer Koei Tecmo has released the financial results for their 2015 fiscal year, and it reveals an interesting little detail in one slide: support for Nintendo NX.  This may not come entirely as a surprise to Koei Tecmo and Nintendo fans, as Koei has been one of the few third-party developers to stick around and continue developing games for the Wii U well after many others gave up.

Since the beginning of the Nintendo Wii U’s life cycle, Koei Tecmo has occasionally released a port of one of their previously released titles, enhanced for the Wii U system. More recently, however, they collaborated with Nintendo to create the all-new Hyrule Warriors, including its spin-off Hyrule Warriors Legends for the 3DS. As such, the two companies have kept close ties, and it would silly of them to ever sever that relationship. As such, the NX seems like the perfect next step.

As for what they are specifically developing for the NX, that is anyone’s guess. In all likelihood, they may eventually release a Hyrule Warriors 2 for NX, or perhaps they’ll be bringing some of their other series to the system as well. Nevertheless, it’s good to see that Nintendo has companies on board. The more support, the more games will be released, and the more systems will be moved. It’s a simple idea, but it faltered with the Wii U. Regardless, we’ll be looking forward to whatever Koei Tecmo ends up bringing to the table.

What do you think Koei Tecmo will be developing for the NX? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

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