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The Iron Man Xbox One is Actually Pretty Awesome

iron man xbox one


The Iron Man Xbox One is Actually Pretty Awesome

Choosing sides.

It looks like Xbox One is siding with Team Iron Man with the reveal of this rather spectacular-looking special edition Xbox One.

iron man xbox one

Discovered initially by Eurogamer, this white console has an actual, light-up arc reactor decoration in the center, as well as a custom controller featuring its own mini-arc reactor in the center. The Stark Industries logo is also emblazoned on both the console and the controller.

iron man xbox one

Xbox France are giving the console away as part of a competition on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. While it’s impossible to guarantee, there don’t appear to be any restrictions on entering the competitions – simply follow the instructions on the respective social media sites to enter for a chance.

Microsoft are no stranger to creating limited edition, custom versions of their consoles for big events – after all, a bright yellow Xbox 360 was released in conjunction with The Simpsons Movie back in 2007, and there have been many more since that.

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