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Hyper Light Drifter: Where to Go at the Start


Hyper Light Drifter: Where to Go at the Start

A beautiful journey lies ahead.

The beginning of Hyper Light Drifter doesn’t really tell you much at all. In fact, the game just tells you how to attack, interact with objects, dash, and then leaves you to work out everything else. This can be a bit off-putting and frustrating when you’re first starting the game and trying to figure out where to go. However, we’re here to help you find your way during the opening scenes of your adventure.

So once you’ve come out of the tunnel and hopped on the elevator onto the surface, you should find that you have a little village to the South with what looks like a weird diamond-shaped platform in grey. It looks like this:

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Consider this your compass and guide for your Hyper Light Drifter adventure. If you look closely at the four points, you’ll notice there is an arrow pointing in each direction. Ignore the one pointing to the East looking slightly different, it should look the same as the others when you first get there.

Each of these arrows is pointing to one of the four different directions you can go and explore. Each way holds a whole new world. Saying much more about what to expect from Hyper Light Drifter would ruin the fun of the game. Exploring and discovering its world is one of the parts of this challenging adventure. So jump right in and get playing!

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