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Halo 5 Launches Firefight Warzone Beta Next Weekend

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Halo 5 Launches Firefight Warzone Beta Next Weekend

Let’s do this.

Halo 5’s been teasing Firefight Warzone for months now, and today, 343 revealed that they’ll be launching a beta for the highly anticipated game mode. The beta will feature the Warzone map Escape from A.R.C., but this won’t be the only map players can expect with the full release. When the mode arrives in full force this summer, there’ll be additional maps, though a specific number wasn’t exactly stated.

The beta will run from Apr. 14-18, beginning at 10 AM PDT next Thursday. Whereas previous Halo games with Firefight have had four players, Halo 5 doubles the player count up to eight Spartans. But that and the addition of REQ packs are the only new things about Firefight; you’ll still be going up against wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies and completing objectives. How exciting!

Excited to take down some Covenant and Prometheans with your best friends? Let us know in the comments below.

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