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Guile Showcases New Skills in Street Fighter V DLC Trailer

Street Fighter

Guile Showcases New Skills in Street Fighter V DLC Trailer

The best hair in Street Fighter returns.

Capcom recently showed screenshots of Guile, the next downloadable character in Street Fighter V. Today, a new trailer shows off the new tricks the soldier has learned since Street Fighter IV.

Guile has ditched his green tanktop for a more professional military jacket and standard-issue sunglasses. His attacks should be familiar, as he takes on Alex with plenty of Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks.

The V-System in SFV gives him a few new tricks. Faultless Move lets Guile move while crouched, so players can keep a Flash Kick charged without having to curl up in the corner. The V-Skill “Sonic Blade” places a trap in front of him so enemies can’t approach. Finally, his flashy “Solid Puncher” V-Trigger lets him rapidly throw Sonic Booms without charging.

Guile will be included in a game update in April, and will be available for free for a limited time. This update also includes the new stage featured in this trailer and a system to punish online rage quitters.

Of course, the most important part of Guile’s addition is the return of Guile’s Theme, which is a perfect musical composition that goes with literally anything.


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