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Someone Made Flappy Bird for E-Cigarettes


Someone Made Flappy Bird for E-Cigarettes

Flappy Bird returns.

Someone has ported the long-lost mobile game, Flappy Bird, to their e-cigarette, taking multi-tasking to new extremes.

The port was performed by Balázs Bánk and he posted a video on Youtube of himself playing the game on his e-cig’s small screen. In the description of the video, which you can see below, you can find the instructions for getting Flappy Bird on your own e-cigarette. The instructions only mention the eVic-VTC Mini e-cigarette, which is the device used in the video, so it is likely that the port is only compatible with that device. Bánk also warns people who intend to download the port that he, “Made this in a few hours and it’s still in beta stage.”

Flappy Bird, the hugely popular mobile game was originally released in May 2013 but was removed from the App Store in February 2014 by developer Nguyen. He explained why it was being removed, saying: “I am sorry Flappy Bird users, 22 hours from now, I will take Flappy Bird down. I cannot take this anymore.'” The game’s discontinuation spawned a number of remakes and parodies with more than 60 clones a day being produced at the height of its popularity.

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