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New Screenshots of Final Fantasy XI’s Mobile Version Emerge


New Screenshots of Final Fantasy XI’s Mobile Version Emerge

Can MMORPGs on phones be successful? Square Enix and Nexon intends to find out.

The mysterious mobile version of Final Fantasy XI, which was revealed alongside the announcement of the closure of the PS2 and Xbox 360 servers, finally showed itself early today. According to reports from Kotaku  and Ruliweb, the game was shown recently at the Nexon Developer Conference. Officially, the game will be known Final Fantasy XI Mobile. Here are some screens, again courtesy of Kotaku and Ruliweb.

Final Fantasy XI Mobile

Final Fantasy XI Mobile

Final Fantasy XI Mobile

Translations of the slides by Kotaku also reveal that the game runs on the Unreal Engine 4, and is in development for both iOS and Android.

While the PC version of Final Fantasy XI continues to carry on, with the closure of PS2 and Xbox 360 servers less than a month ago, the reality that one day the game world of Vana’diel will end got a little more real. Considering how beloved the game is for many, especially in the U.S. and Japan, it will be interesting to see what future the franchise has once the PC version inevitably dies down. Will Final Fantasy XI Mobile be the primary way the XI franchise carries on? Or will there be other plans to preserve its legacy down the road?

In the grand scheme of video games, MMORPG mortality is still a fairly new and unexplored phenomena, especially for one as big as Final Fantasy XI. By any standard (MMOs or otherwise) Final Fantasy XI has an excellent story and lore, so it would be a shame to see it become unplayable at one point down the road.

As of 2012, Final Fantasy XI is Square Enix’s most lucrative Final Fantasy game, so if they are interested in preserving it in some way, eventually it would have make its way to something more permanent. Right?

As far as we know, Final Fantasy XI Mobile is still slated to be released later this year in Japan, Korea, North America, Europe and other Asian regions.

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