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Eve: Valkyrie Will Allow for Cross-VR Platform Play

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Eve: Valkyrie Will Allow for Cross-VR Platform Play

All together now!

CCP Games, the developer behind Eve: Valkyrie has today announced that the game will be playable across all three virtual reality headsets.

Just a few weeks back, the developer confirmed that Eve: Valkyrie would also be coming to HTC Vive, despite being one of Oculus Rift’s big launch titles. The game was already known to be coming to PSVR since back in March 2014.

Executive Producer for Eve: Valkyrie, Owen O’Brien made the announcement today at Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland. “What we haven’t said before, and will for the first time here on stage is cross-platform play.”

Going into more detail, O’Brien explains that Eve: Valkyrie was always supposed to be a VR experience, and that they never wanted people to be divided by the VR platform they chose.

“Valkyrie from the outset was made as a VR game, and we want people irrespective of the platform they’re playing on to be able to fight together and die together,” he said. “So that’s a big important thing for us. That everyone can play together and we break down the barriers.”

The news of this cross-VR play means that, hopefully, the game’s servers will remain bustling with plenty of other players to engage in firefights with, and against.

Have you bought Eve: Valkyrie for the Oculus Rift, or will you be grabbing it alongside one of the other VR headsets? Let us know in the comments below.


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