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Enter the Gungeon: How to Get the Robot

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Enter the Gungeon: How to Get the Robot

Getting a bit bored with the playable Gungeoneers in Enter the Gungeon? Already unlocked the other secret character, The Bullet, and want another to play with?

There’s a perfect remedy in the form of this cute BMO-looking little guy, The Robot.

enter the gungeon

Here are the steps to unlock him!

  1. Once you’ve beaten the first boss, and after the elevator has fallen in chamber 2, drop down the new hole.
  2. You will find The Tinker, who wants you to fix the elevator. Satisfy his demands by providing him with various items.
  3. After he has moved from the shaft to the hub world, The Breach, the next time you drop down the elevator shaft you will find a broken television.
  4. You need to hold on to this television until you reach the Blacksmith in Chamber 5.

Important: Every time you dodge roll, you will drop the TV, so be super careful. Once you leave a room it will disappear if you aren’t holding onto it!

Apart from being cute, he boasts a unique healing mechanism, and three assets that will change the way you venture through the Gungeon.

The Robot starts with six armor blocks instead of hearts. Additionally, you cannot gain hearts, only armor.

  • Weapon – Robot’s Right Hand
  • Passive Item – Battery Bullets – Electrifies all bullets fired
  • Active item – Coolant Leak – Sprays water forward (see the combo here)

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