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Doom Multiplayer Beta: All Weapons and What They Do

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Doom Multiplayer Beta: All Weapons and What They Do

Grab all the weapons!

The Doom multiplayer beta has begun and players are getting a taste for what they can expect when the full game releases next month. The beta includes two game modes for fans to try out and two maps to explore and play them on.

Doom has always been about its extensive amount of off-the-wall weapons with a huge emphasis on bloody gore. The multiplayer beta also has a fair few weapons and bits of equipment available for prospective players of the full game to try out. We’ve split the weaponry into three different sections and given you an idea of what they all do.

First, standard weapons are those available to players once they reach the required level to unlock them. Power weapons are up next, which can be picked up once every so often from a drop point in the map, and finally, equipment. These are your different kinds of throwables. So without further ado, let’s check them out.

Standard Loadout Weapons

Heavy Assault Rifle

  • Primary Fire- Fully Automatic Rifle with a Digital Scope.
  • Weapon Mod- Enables the digital scope for extended range combat (Hold L2)

Plasma Rifle

  • Primary Fire- A fully automatic rifle that fires pulses of superheated plasma capable of dealing splash damage.
  • Weapon Mod- Shoots a plasma orb which detonates, creating a small area of burning plasma

Rocket Launcher

  • Primary Fire- Fires rockets that explode on impact, doing damage over a large area
  • Weapon Mod- Immediately detonates all live rockets currently in flight

Super Shotgun

  • Primary Fire- A break-action double barrel shotgun that fires a wide spread of buckshot
  • Weapon Mod- Constricts the variable choke system retrofit into each barrel for a tighter spread pattern (Hold L2)

Vortex Rifle

  • Primary Fire- A precision long-range energy weapon with a magnified optic.
  • Weapon Mod- Increases magnification and charges to full power output. (Hold L2)

Lightning Gun

  • Primary Fire- Short range energy weapon that fires a constant stream of electricity
  • Weapon Mod- Creates an electrified field upon hitting a surface that can damage multiple targets.

Static Rifle

  • Primary Fire- A precision weapon that gains power when in constant motion and drains when idle.
  • Weapon Mod- Zooms the weapon for better precision at long-range. (Hold L2)

Power Weapons

Gauss Cannon

  • This weapon is pretty damn powerful, as the category that it’s under suggests. The Gauss Cannon fires out a powerful shot of plasma that almost always results in a one-hit kill.


Frag Grenade

  • An anti-personnel fragmentation grenade. The detonation timer starts on floor impact.

Personal Teleporter

  • A thrown device that teleports a soldier to its location. After deployment, activate again to teleport.

Siphon Grenade

  • The Siphon field created on impact leeches health from the enemies and returns it to the thrower.

And there you have every weapon that is available in the Doom beta. The full game is likely to have plenty more tools of destruction for players to get stuck into, but at least you get an idea of what you might main upon the game’s release.

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