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The Division: Where to Get Weapon Skins

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The Division: Where to Get Weapon Skins

Make your guns pretty.

The Division allows for a lot of customization to let you build the perfect Agent for your playthroughs. One of the customization options concerns your weapons. While modding your firearms to your liking requires little more than crafting the parts you want, finding skins to give them the perfect look can take some time.

There are two main ways to get skins for your weapons that you can then use to your heart’s content. The first is to buy them. After upgrading your Security Wing with the Supply Line, you’ll unlock a vendor in the back that sells clothes and weapon skins. He sells one skin every day.

The other way to obtain some slick looking weapon skins is to beat missions on challenge mode. There is a chance that the boss will drop a unique skin for you. Keep in mind that this doesn’t guarantee a drop, only that you have a chance to get one.

After you’ve found the skin you’ve been wanting, slap it onto one of your guns to make your next opponent’s death a bit more memorable.

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