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Destiny: How to Get The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon

last word

Destiny: How to Get The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon

The shall have the last word.

Destiny has quite a few exotics for players to obtain, with some being noticeably better than others. A few even have uses that cause them to be required for certain parts of the game. Take The Last Word, for instance. It’s an exotic hand cannon that is required to unlock the Chaperone exotic shotgun. The Last World turns out to be exceptionally rare, though.

This year one exotic (which has a year two version) is a random drop, meaning you don’t have to jump through any specific hoops to obtain it. But, thanks to RNG, you may find yourself completing missions and getting everything but this weapon now that you need it. Luckily there are a few avenues at your disposal.

  • If you happened to own The Last Word and scrapped it, you can purchase it through your collection located in the Vanguard Room at the Tower.
  • If you save up coins you can wait for Xur to have a primary Legacy Engram for sale. These grant you a Year One exotic, and they tend to grant one that you don’t already have in your collection, raising your chances of getting the gun you’re looking for.
  • If Xur happens to have the gun for sale on its own, definitely buy it.
  • Is a potential reward during Nightfall strikes, and Raids.

It may take some time, but don’t lose hope. The Last Word is within reach.

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