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Dark Souls III PSA: You Can Gesture to NPCs


Dark Souls III PSA: You Can Gesture to NPCs

What happens if you praise too hard?

Now here’s a neat little feature that’s been brought over from Bloodborne. Throughout the course of your run in Dark Souls III, you’ll pick up a few gestures here and there from various emotes. And here’s the best part: gesturing to certain NPCs will cause them to react to you.

For instance, if you bow to the Firekeeper at Firelink Shrine, she’ll bow back to you. Jumping for joy will cause her to giggle, and using the Toast gesture will cause her to twirl around in a circle. I haven’t tested the other gestures myself, but she might have even more reactions to specific gestures. That said, it is also entirely possible that there other NPCs around Firelink Shrine or even out in the open world who might have reactions to gestures too.

In Bloodborne, you could receive an important rune by doing a specific gesture in front of an enemy, so there might be similar hidden secrets in Dark Souls III as well. Have you tried gesturing to different NPCs, and if so, did you get any reactions? Let us know in the comments down below.

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