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Dark Souls III: How to Get to Cathedral of the Deep


Dark Souls III: How to Get to Cathedral of the Deep

The Cathedral of the Deep is an area you have no choice but to cross through in Dark Souls III. Of course, you can choose when you go through as you’ll also have the option of heading to Farron Keep. It should be noted that Cathedral of the Deep is an easier area to navigate (with this being Dark Souls, we use “easier” quite loosely).

Before you can head to Cathedral of the Deep, you must first defeat the Crystal Sage. A bit of magic resistance and some lightning damage will help you breeze through that encounter. Afterwards, head through the now open stone arch.

Continue through to find to huge, blade-wielding enemies (the guys who normally have pots), and an Evangelist (the large magic dealing woman). Defeat them and press on to reach the Cathedral of the Deep.

This area presents new challenges, and lots of enemies, so be on your guard. Shortly after hitting the first bonfire of the Cathedral of the Deep you’ll come across two Unkindled that move very quickly and use throwing knives to keep you off balance. Use the narrow nature of the area to your advantage and press on.

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