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Dark Souls III Crashing on Your PC? This Fix Might Help

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Dark Souls III Crashing on Your PC? This Fix Might Help

As recommended by NeoGAF.

It appears that a number of Dark Souls III PC players are encountering a bug that causes their game to crash, every time they reach a bonfire.

If you happen to be stuck in this perilous situation, then fear no longer, for the collection minds of NeoGAF have banded together to find a temporary fix for the bug, until it is patched properly by FromSoftware.

The guide, which can be found here, firstly recommends that players set the ‘lighting quality’ to ‘low’, and then attempt to load their game. However the user then provides further edits, stating that players must also turn the ‘auto adjust graphics’ setting to ‘off.’

The user then claims that the bug will only affect users with NVIDIA cards that are below the ‘900’ series, before turning their attention to the issue of frame rate drops, claiming that this could be fixed by setting the power management option to ‘prefer maximum performance.’

Did this fix the bonfire glitch for you? Or are there other issues with Dark Souls III that still need addressing? Sound off in the comments below.

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