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Codemasters Saves DriveClub Developer Evolution

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Codemasters Saves DriveClub Developer Evolution

Time for a second lap.

Codemasters has stepped in to save the recently closed Evolution Studios, turning the Sony-exclusive developer into a multiplatform one.

Evolution Studios were the team behind the PS4’s DriveClub and one of the PS3’s earliest franchises, MotorStorm, but were closed by Sony just last month. Codemasters, who are behind the Dirt and F1 series of games, claim that acquiring Evolution’s developers makes them the world’s largest, racing-focused games company.

Sony’s Mick Hocking has also joined Codemasters as Vice President of Product Development. While at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Hocking managed Evolution. Paul Rustchynsky, who worked as a developer at Evolution for 12 years and led development on DriveClub, is sticking with the studio.

“Couldn’t be more excited to announce that myself & the team from Evolution Studios will be joining Codemasters,” Rustchynsky said on Twitter.

While Sony owns the licenses to both DriveClub and MotorStorm, this now means that Evolution will be able to continue to create racing games in the future.

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