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Bravely Second: How to Use Catmancy

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Bravely Second: How to Use Catmancy

Become a master Catmancer.

Catmancer is one of the new jobs introduced in Bravely Second, and has similar skills to what a Blue Mage would in Final Fantasy games. You obtain the Catmancer after defeating Minette in the Harena Sea Caverns and obtaining her asterisk.

Catmancers have the passive skill “Learning,” which enables them to learn the skills of certain enemies when they’re attacked. Once these abilities are learned they can be used in battle, however doing so requires Cat Food. Different moves require different kinds of Cat Food.

Obtaining Cat Food to use in battle can be done a couple different ways. By leveling the Catmancer job to Level 4, the “Dig” ability is unlocked. This ability can be used in battle to find Cat Food, however the items will vary by area. The second way to obtain these items comes through the reconstruction of Fort-Lune minigame. By upgrading the Bioplant in Fort-Lune you can gain access to Cat Food items. Getting more villagers will help you construct building even faster. Occasionally, the Bioplant will gift these items to you, but any that you unlock can be purchased through the adventurer that you save your game with in cities and dungeons.

If you make upgrading the Bioplant your priority you should be able to get plenty of Cat Food items, and using dig will only help even more. You’ll be a master of Catmancy before you even know it!

Have you tried out the Catmancer yet? What’s your favorite job in Bravely Second? Let us know down in the comments.

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