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BioWare Names Their New Baby Geese “Shepbird,” “Garroose,” and Other Avian Puns


BioWare Names Their New Baby Geese “Shepbird,” “Garroose,” and Other Avian Puns

Cassandra Pentagoose is there, too.

BioWare’s roof goose finally hatched her eggs, and in internet fashion, the studio named them using Twitter polls. In even more internet fashion, we got a lot of duck puns.

To get you up to speed, BioWare Edmonton’s office has a pair of spring geese nesting on their roof. They’ve been live streaming the incubation for the past couple of days, and now that the goslings have hatched, they need appropriately BioWare names.

It was a tough race, but Shepbird beat out Admiral Quackett, Garroose edged out Scout Honking by a mile, and Urdnot Pecks took a strong lead over Quackwall. Some fans found the deluge of decisions stressful, but as BioWare replied, “It’s almost like we’re known for giving you hard choices.”

BioWare Goose Names

The geese are doing well so far, and you can still watch them learn how to life on the live Goose Cam. The stream also suggests donating to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton, which raises environmental awareness and cares for animals in the Edmonton area.

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