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Rumored BioShock: The Collection Listed by ESRB


Rumored BioShock: The Collection Listed by ESRB

Not really a shock.

The much-rumored BioShock: The Collection has turned up once again, this time appearing on American ratings board ESRB.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board describes the game as “This is a collection of three first-person shooters in which players assume the role of characters uncovering the mysteries behind the dystopian societies of Rapture and Columbia.” The ESRB also makes note of BioShock’s mature themes, including violence, gore and sex.

The still unannounced game is reportedly coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One and will feature BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock: Infinite.

This is far from the first time hearing about the mysterious collection. The game has been rated twice before on separate occasions, first on a South African site and then again on a Taiwanese website. Despite the leaks, developer 2K Games has yet to officially announce the game.

The three BioShock titles have all been well-received, though this collection would mark the core series’ first appearance on the current generation of consoles.

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