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Xbox One Wants You to Share Your Digital Games with Friends

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Xbox One Wants You to Share Your Digital Games with Friends

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One of the downsides of having a digital game on your console is that you can’t share it with your friends. Unless you give them your account info, but that could be more trouble than it’s worth. If Microsoft has their way, that may be a thing coming to the Xbox One soon.

Sharing purchased digital games was something the Xbox One was originally planned to do back in 2013, but Microsoft reversed that decision once the DRM backlash (and poor messaging) took more control over the situation. With their intentions to turn merge the Xbox One and PC into a Universal Windows Platform, that’s something they’re actively looking at right now, at least according to head of programming Mike Ybarra when he spoke to Game Informer.

“We’re looking at both from a Windows standpoint – well, what’s our policy of the Windows Store? How many people can play concurrent? How do you share? We’re going to merge those two topologies soon so that a whole new model for how you share games across that will be in place. We’re actively working on that now to try to figure [it out], but we want to get to a much simpler model and potentially one that lets you do more… have a little bit more freedom in what you can and can’t do.”

If sharing digital games becomes a thing on the Xbox One, it would certainly make for another feather in the Xbox One’s cap. They’ve got real backwards compatibility, and they’re starting cross-network play. Think these ideas will work?

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