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Xbox One Dev Mode Available to Preview Program Participants Starting Today

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Xbox One Dev Mode Available to Preview Program Participants Starting Today

Time to start making some games.

After an almost three year wait, owners of an Xbox One with access to the Xbox Preview Program will be able to turn their console into a dev kit starting today. The announcement was made during the Microsoft Build Conference at around the 2:40:00 mark. The Xbox Dev Mode allows anyone to build and test software using the Universal Windows Program (UWP). This option is completely free, although there are a few requirements for running your Xbox One in Xbox Dev Mode.

After simply downloading the activation app from the Xbox Games Store, owners must launch the program which will instruct them of what’s needed to continue, after which they will receive a code to activate their account (which can take a bit of time). The requirements are:

  • Join the Windows Insider Program
  • Have a PC running Windows 10
  • Have a wired connection between your Xbox One and PC
  • Have the latest Visual Studio 2015 and Windows builds installed
  • Have a minimum of 30 GB of storage on your Xbox One

This will grant access to the basic functions of the dev mode. For $19 users will be able to create a Dev Center account to obtain the full Xbox Dev Mode experience, unlocking all functions and abilities.

It must be noted that the information before proceeding with the switch does come with some warnings. There is the chance that users can “run into issues” with regular retail games after switching their Xbox One over to this new mode. Also, the preview only allows for access to 448 MB out of the 8 GB of RAM in the console. Once fully released sometime in the summer, users can expect to have access to 1 GB of RAM.

It’s been a long time coming, but this new functionality is intended to make the life of would-be developers easier while increasing the amount of content for the platform.

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