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Unity Demo Showcases New Graphical Capabilities in Real-Time


Unity Demo Showcases New Graphical Capabilities in Real-Time

Unity takes it to the next level

Day 2 of GDC 2016 was kicked off by Unity, the maker of the Unity source engine, with a Special Event highlighting some exciting new features coming in 2016 that give an insight into what can be expected from future video games.

The biggest announcements of the event were the joint reveals of a fully stable release of Unity 5.3.4 and a public beta for Unity 5.4. This means that developers will have a choice of Unity platforms for game development: a stable, (hopefully) bug-free platform in the 5.3.4 release or an experimental, feature rich but potentially unstable platform in the 5.4 Beta 1.

This announcement was followed by a dissection of some of the cool new features that the 5.4 beta will include. This primarily focused on built-in image effects such as dynamic lighting, depth of field, and bloom that were showcased in this stunning real-time demo.

The final event of note was an on-stage demonstration of Unity Labs’ upcoming VR Editor Tools by an Oculus Rift-wearing Timoni West. She demonstrated how VR can make game development immersive by showing how the in-engine perspective allowed the developer to fully grasp the effects they could have by changing the landscape and lighting around them. The idea is that, by doing so, developers of VR games will be able to produce much more immersive experiences for the players.

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This post was originally written by Oisin Kilkenny-Fletcher.

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