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6 Lessons Destiny 2 Can Learn From The Division


6 Lessons Destiny 2 Can Learn From The Division

Time to learn from the young grasshopper.

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Destiny impressed a lot of people when it released back in 2014. The shared world shooter combined some of the tightest mechanics with some fun group activities. Loot kept players coming, and even though it had its shortcomings, many fans easily poured hundreds of hours into Bungie’s latest. But, like with all new things, another company came along and did things a bit better.

Ubisoft’s The Division, contains a lot of that shared-world feel which Destiny offers, but manages to build heavily upon it. What resulted was a mix of several different game types that meshed together to create something unique and engaging. With another entry from Bungie coming next year, perhaps the studio can return the favor by learning from The Division in turn. While the first game in the series definitely laid out some ground work, the old dog can definitely learn a few more tricks.

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