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Top 5 Most Awarded Video Games of All Time


Top 5 Most Awarded Video Games of All Time

Awards, awards everywhere!

Grand Theft Auto V

grand theft auto v

When you look at a Grand Theft Auto game, or anything that Rockstar concocted, you will always see a showcase of awards under its name. Grand Theft Auto V was no different. GTA V was the biggest game in the series. Set in a fictional Los Angeles, the game followed the lives of Micheal, Trevor and Franklin as they committed heinous crime, set up heists, and tried to deal with marriage issues.

The game started to win awards already in 2012 at the Spike VGX awards for Most Anticipated Game, a year before its release. During its release year, it was nominated for 108 awards, of which it won 35 of them. Now 35 might seem a bit low when compared to other games on this list, but when you look at the actual awards, you will see that it went home with almost every Game of the Year/Best Game award. Cnet, the Spike VGX awards, Edge, Telegraph, and others all awarded the open world action adventure Game of the Year status.

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