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The Division: What Division Tech is and Where to Find It


The Division: What Division Tech is and Where to Find It

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While playing The Division, you will come across several resources used for crafting. These are fairly common, and you should have no problem finding an abundance of the stuff laying around during your mission. But there is one whose name springs up quite a bit that you probably have never seen: Division Tech.

Division Tech is used to craft special gear from Dark Zone Blueprints. Like the other resources, it comes in three rarities, but most of the gear that requires Division Tech is a lot more useful.

division tech

You can only find this rare resource in the Dark Zone by looting containers and chests there. This makes sense, seeing as how only Dark Zone blueprints utilize the stuff, so don’t stress too much if you had no intention on participating in the PvP mayhem within its confines.

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