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The Division: How to Put Away the Ballistic Shield

The Division

The Division: How to Put Away the Ballistic Shield

Because sometimes you don’t always want to be a walking piece of cover.

One of the most fun skills to use in The Division is the Security Tree’s Ballistic Shield. Here’s what the skill does according to The Divisions’s in-game description:

“Equips a portable Ballistic Shield that absorbs damage. The user can only use their sidearm while the shield is out.”

So while you’ll essentially be a walking piece of cover with greatly enhanced damage resistance, the trade off is you can only use your sidearm. Obviously there are times when you would want to take advantage of this, and other times where you would rather put the ballistic shield away. In times where you need to use your primary or secondary weapons, here is how to put away the shield.

It’s quite simple, you bring up the shield by using whatever button you had it mapped to (L1 or R1 for example if you’re on PS4). In order to put away the shield, all you have to do is hold that very same button (whichever one you had it mapped to). You character will drop the shield like it’s hot and go back to its normal mobility, damage resistance, and weapon load out.

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