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The Division: How to Leave a Party Group

The Division

The Division: How to Leave a Party Group

Because sometimes you want to go at it alone.

The Division is one of the tougher shooters in recent memory. If you try to go at it alone guns blazing John Rambo style, you better be skilled. The Division is much easier when you take advantage of all the tools at your disposal. Skills, perks, talents, and grenades will all help keep you alive in the toughest of times. But there is one resource at your disposal that is more important than them all: party members.

Getting into parties is easy enough. There are a number of matchmaking stations around The Division, including within safehouses and outside of the game’s major missions. However, leaving your party group isn’t as obvious or clear. If you’re wondering how the heck you leave your party group and get back to your own personal game, here is how you do it.

Leaving your party is just as easy as getting into one once you know where to look. First, open up your main menu by pressing options/menu button on your controller. Once there, you should see the Group Management tab, go ahead and open that up. Next, you should see you, and your party members in the top left section of the group management menu. Click your own name and you should see the option to Leave Group. I bet you can figure out what happens when you select that.

Once you’ve left your party, you’ll be back in your own personal game. Have fun flying solo you rebel you.

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