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The Division: How to Get Weapon Skins

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The Division: How to Get Weapon Skins

So you’ve got yourself a pretty powerful gun in the Division and a bunch of attachments to make it right for you. However, without a weapon skin it just might not be perfect. Here’s how to get yourself weapon skins.

There are a couple of ways to grab skins for your weapons in The Division, but only one method is guaranteed to get you a skin every day. For this, you have to grab yourself an upgrade for the Security Wing of your Base of Operations. Head over to the laptop and grab the Supply Line upgrade for 400 supplies. Among a number of handy perks for the Smart Cover skill, you’ll get the Clothes Vendor perk. This vendor will not only have a bunch of clothes available for you to grab but will also have a new weapon skin for you to grab every day.

There’s also one free weapon skin that you can grab pretty easily from the Uplay store. Simply hit the Options/ Menu button on your controller and choose the ‘Store’ option. Select ‘Season Pass, DLC and Ubisoft Club Rewards and then scroll down to the Spray Stripes- Urban Snow Weapon Skin item. As long as you have the Uplay points, you can get buy the item and then pick it up from the Rewards Claim Vendor.

Your other two options for grabbing a weapon skin are the same way that you can grab other items such as clothing, weapons and gear. The first one is enemy drops. While these seem to be an incredibly rare item for enemies to drop, it does happen. Alternatively, giving sodas, medkits and whatever else the civilians of Manhattan ask for as you walk past them can get you a couple of weapon skins too. Again, this seems to be less frequently dropped then other items such as clothing and weapons.

For more guides, tips, tricks, and information on The Division, be sure to check out our wiki.

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